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Flowering Tobacco, Jasmine Tobacco
Scientific Name: Nicotiana alata Link & Otto
Synonym: Nicotiana affinis, Nicotiana persica
Family: Solanaceae
Flowering Tobacco, Jasmine Tobacco (Nicotiana alata)
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Nicotiana 'Domino Red'
Recommended Temperature Zone:
sunset: All zones as summer annual

Sun Exposure: Full sun to part shade

Origin: Northeastern Argentina to southern Brazil

Growth Habits: Rosette forming tender perennial generally grown as half-hardy annual, 18 inches to 3 feet (45-90 cm) depending on variety, 12 inches spread (30 cm)

Watering Needs: Regular water, well drained soil, with good organic matter content

Propagation: Seeds

The flowers of the original flowering tobacco are very fragrant and open at night. During the day, the night flowering varieties might look weedy. Some more recent varieties open all day, but are not always so fragrant. If the fragrance is your main attraction, your better bet is with the white, night-flowering varieties. The colored versions come in pink, purple or red.

All parts of the Nicotiana are poisonous.

Cultural Practices:
It is easier to buy nursery plants or to grow your own, than to sow in place. They should be started 6 to 8 weeks before being set in place. Plant the young nicotiana plants 1 foot apart (30 cm) after the last frost date in most climates, or in the fall in Phoenix. In Phoenix, many varieties self-seed.

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