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California Aster, Common Sand Aster
Scientific Name: Corethrogyne filaginifolia (Hook. & Arn.) Nutt.
Synonym: Lessingia filaginifolia, Aster filaginifolia, Aplopappus haenkei, Corethrogyne tomentella, Corethrogyne californica var. tomentella, Aster tomentellius
Family: Asteraceae
Recommended Temperature Zone:
sunset: 14-24
USDA: 7-10

Sun Exposure: Full sun to light shade, might be leggy in the shade

Origin: Southern California (USA), Baja California (Mexico), up to 8000 feet elevation (2400 m)

Growth Habits: Shrubby perennial, up to 3 feet tall (90 cm), 5 feet wide (1.5 m); alternate, sessile, lanceolate to oblanceolate leaves, 0.8 to 2.4 inches long (2-6 cm)

Watering Needs: Very low water, drought resistant, but tends to look scraggly if kept too dry

Propagation: Easy from cuttings, seeds

A very variable species with many varieties named. The cold resistance probably depends on the origin of the seeds.

Blooming Habits:
Light purple with yellow center, aster-like, flowers, 1 inch in diameter (2.5 cm) in spring. There are 10 to 43 purple to white ray flowers ("petals").

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