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Scientific Name: Cosmos bipinnatus Cav.
Family: Asteraceae
Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus)
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Recommended Temperature Zone:
sunset: All zones

Sun Exposure: Full sun or afternoon shade

Origin: Mexico to South America

Growth Habits: Half-hardy annual, 3 to 5 feet tall depending on strain (60 cm to 1.5 m), 10 to 18 inches spread (25 to 45 cm)

Watering Needs: Infrequent deep watering, try to keep the soil somewhat moist, but need go drainage

Propagation: Seeds

The name comes the Greek for 'beautiful thing'. They are often used to fill space left by earlier blooming annuals or perennials. Use them at the back of flowerbeds to add height.
Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus)

Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus)

Cultural Practices:
In Phoenix and mild winter climates, sow Cosmos in early september in a cool place. In cooler climates start the seeds indoor 2 weeks before the last frost date or sow in place at the last frost date. Germination takes about a week. Transplant your seedlings, or buy young plants from a nursery, at the end of October, in Phoenix, or a couple of months after the last frost date in cooler climates, and plant 12 to 18 inches apart (30 to 45 cm). Deadhead regularly, or allow some to self seed early in the season for a second crop.

Blooming Habits:
Cosmos have large daisy like, simple or semi-double flowers, up to 4 inches in diameter (10 cm). The colors are generally white, pink or red. They are good cut flowers

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