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Mexican Blue Palm
Scientific Name: Brahea armata
Synonym: Brahea clara, Erythea armata, Erythea glauca, Erythea roezlii
Family: Arecaceae
Mexican Blue Palm (Brahea armata)
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Recommended Temperature Zone:
sunset: 10,12-17,19-24
USDA: 8b-10

Frost Tolerance: 10F (-12C)

Sun Exposure: Full sun

Origin: Baja California oases

Growth Habits: Solitary palmtree, growing slowly up to 40 feet tall (13 m); gray, smooth trunk, 18 inches in diameter (45 cm), with leaf scars, or occasionally, persistant dead leaves; 25 to 30, glaucous, blue grey, costapalmate leaves, divided in 40 to 60 leaflets; petioles slightly armed

Watering Needs: Drought resistant, needs good drainage

Propagation: Seed, erratic germination, usually 1 to 12 months. Several years old seed will grow.

Although Brahea and Washingtonia look similar and are found in close area, they are not closely related.

Blooming Habits:
The flower stalks appear in late spring, between the leaves, much longer than them. This is a visible difference with the Washingtonias (California fan palms) that have the leaf stalks about the same length as the leaves, with the flowers barely sticking out outside the leaves.

Fruiting Habits:
Round edible brown fruits, 0.8 inch in diameter (2 cm)

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